About Dr. Layton

It started with her own path to health….

Keri Layton, ND grew up in conventional Medical Doctor’s offices, enduring decades of tests and specialists, navigating undiagnosed autoimmune disease. It was the process of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor that clarified her health challenges and revealed her best tools for obtaining and maintaining vibrant health: diet, lifestyle, stress management and gentle therapies.

She deeply enjoys partnering with patients on their own journey to optimal health.

Dr. Layton received her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavior from Mount Holyoke College in 1999 and graduated from Bastyr University with her Naturopathic Doctorate in 2006. Throughout her medical training, she also worked in both laboratory and clinical research settings. She completed a residency in Integrative Family Medicine in Atlanta, GA, with a specialty in Functional Medicine and chronic disease. Dr. Layton was the architect for the successful effort to license Naturopathic Medicine in RI, and was on the steering committee for the Integrative Medicine at Brown University group before moving to Massachusetts in 2015.

A primary goal for Dr. Layton is to educate and empower her patients to achieve and maintain their most vibrant health.

Dr. Layton is a certified instructor of the Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) Program created by the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. This is an excellent introduction to Naturopathic practices, and a powerful tool for existing patients.

Rooted and Active in New England

Dr. Layton lives in Winchester with her husband, 2 kids, and dog, Juno. She is a member of the Winchester Conservation Commission, and on the Steering Committee for the Winchester Master Plan. She can be found running, hiking, playing tennis (badly, but enthusiastically), and can be heard laughing throughout the office.


It is a passion of Dr. Layton to see Naturopathic Doctors fully integrated into the health care system.  She is committed to seeing Naturopathic Doctors gain the right to practice the full scope of their training in all states. She has served on the House of Delegates of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.  She served on the Board of the RIANP as Secretary and President through 2014, bringing RI closer to licensing NDs than it had ever been before. Now living in Massachusetts, Dr. Layton is a member of the Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors.

Education & Licenses

Mount Holyoke College -- Bachelor of Science

Neuroscience and Behavior

Bastyr University

Doctor of Naturopathy

Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine

Certified Instructor SMART Program -- Stress Management and Resiliency Training

Naturopathic Medicine for Whole Family Wellness

Your Partner on the Road to Health