Spring is such a beautiful season, bursting with new life, and tugging at the heartstrings of those who are struggling with fertility. Millions of women and men struggle to achieve pregnancy without invasive and interventions. When the fertility work up is normal, but nothing is happening, what else can a couple do?

Naturopathic Medicine stands at the crossroad of environmental health, primary care, psychology and nutrition. Women are most likely to become pregnant and carry healthy pregnancies when they are exposed to minimal hormone-disrupting chemicals and toxins, when health conditions such as hypothyroidism, low progesterone and others have been ruled out, when stress is in check and when the body is well nourished. This makes Naturopathic Doctors an excellent addition to a reproductive health team.
Supporting moms and babies has always been a passion of Dr. Layton. She is herself the mother of 2 children, and over the years has helped many women enter this brave role as well. Women who are a year or more from pregnancy are encouraged to come in to discuss current thinking on how to optimize their health in preparation for pregnancy. For women who have had a fertility work-up and are considering options before pursuing procedures including IUI or IVF, Dr. Layton is happy to review your labs and whole health history and suggest a supportive course of action. Dr. Layton has also helped women who are planning IVF apply evidence-based therapies that improve chances of success.
The best part? Naturopathic care helps people at all stages of life, so the little one can come in for general health support once s/he arrives as well.